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Saturday 24th June 2017

Cara Install Centmint Pada Centos.

Cara Install Centmint Pada Centos.
Install Centminmod

Centmint adalah webserver berbasis apache, nginx, php-fpm, MySql atau MariaDB. Centmin hanya support di distro CentOS 6 dan CentOS 7.

Installation Notes:

  • SELINUX harus disabled.
  • Minimum system requirements untuk CentOS 6 adalah 256MB memory (128MB dengan variable tweak) dan 1GB memory untuk  CentOS 7.x 64bit, 20GB disk space untuk OpenVZ VPS dan 30GB for KVM dan Xen virtualisation
  • Recommended memory & disk requirements 2 x kebutuhan disk space minimum diatas. 512MB Ram untuk CentOS 6 dan 2 GB untuk CentOS 7.


Centmin Mod Stable Release Install

yum -y update; curl -O && chmod 0700 && bash



Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.08 –
Centmin Mod Menu
1). Centmin Install
2). Add Nginx vhost domain
3). NSD setup domain name DNS
4). Nginx Upgrade / Downgrade
5). PHP Upgrade / Downgrade
6). XCache Re-install
7). APC Cache Re-install
8). XCache Install
9). APC Cache Install
10). Memcached Server Re-install
11). MariaDB 5.2, 5.5, 10, 10.1 Upgrade Sub-Menu
12). Zend OpCache Install/Re-install
13). Install
14). SELinux disable
15). Install/Re-install ImageMagick PHP Extension
16). Change SSHD Port Number
17). Multi-thread compression: pigz,pbzip2,lbzip2,p7zip etc
18). Suhosin PHP Extension install
19). Install FFMPEG and FFMPEG PHP Extension
20). NSD Re-install
21). Update – Nginx + PHP-FPM + Siege
22). Add WordPress Nginx vhost + WP Super Cache
23). Update Centmin Mod Code Base
24). Exit
Enter option [ 1 – 24 ]

Check out how to setup menu option 23, submenu option 1 so you can setup git environment for easier Centmin Mod LEMP script code updates Beta Branch – New .08 beta menu option – updating Centmin Mod via git. You can also setup a cronjob to auto update too see Beta Branch – Cronjob Auto Updating Centmin Mod .08 beta03 How To Guide option 23 submenu options

Centmin Mod Updater Sub-Menu
1). Setup Centmin Mod Github Environment
2). Update Centmin Mod Current Branch
3). Update Centmin Mod Newer Branch
4). Back to Main menu
Enter option [ 1 – 4 ]

Once git environment setup, hit submenu option 4 to go back to main menu, hit menu option 24 to exit Then log out of SSH and back in to complete setup.

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